Celebration Bear Devil - 10cm

    A devilish little Bear that oozes so much cuteness too. You cant help but feel a little mischievous when someone gives you this little gift. Awesome for Valentine celebrations or just because you feel like giving someone special a little something nice but naughty at the same time! Also available in the angelic Angel Bear for those exceptionally good moments!

    Trudi knows how to make celebrations such as BFF's, birthdays, Christenings, Valentines, Easter and Christmas special. With their celebration ranges you can give special meaning to any occasion, with a sentimental gift from Trudi.

    The animals of the classic world, made in increasingly smaller sizes. Turn these into adorable keyrings, bag charms, precious trinkets, sweet miniatures: little masterpieces that enclose Trudi’s essence and art. A variety of creations designed to provide emotions and express the sweetest side of one’s personality. The materials, which are the distinguishing element of these little creations, are elected according to their characteristics to interpret the tiny shapes or to enhance the sweetness of these beautifully made characters.