Sevi Abacus & Alphabet 2.0 - 31cm

    Sevi's abacus and alphabet is full of activities and fun, which includes 4 games in a single article: in addition to a colorful abacus, to learn how to count but also to value your emotions, we also find a fun abecedary, where each corresponds an animal with the same initial.

    There is also a nice clock with movable hands and a side where you can communicate your emotions through colorful emojis!

    The whole article is made of wood, with very cheerful colors and embellished with fresh and fun decorations! All the paints used are non-toxic and resistant, in compliance with the strictest regulations in force.

    Be ready to count!

    What's in the box
    1 x 31cm Wooden Abacus
    9 x Wooden Slot Peg Counters