Sevi Wooden Rocking Horse Baby Ride On - 70cm

    “Love nature, play wood, enjoy Sevi”: this is Sevi’s Pay Off, which aims at communicating the wish to realize products that are born out of the need to guarantee natural materials, safety, user protection and environmental protection. Sevi combines its attention to innovation and progress
    in playing and furnishing functions with loyalty to tradition and the naturalness of the raw material used: Wood

    Here is a beautiful Sevi rocking horse made of wood, solid and safe for long rides in joy! Shapes and dimensions designed to make it suitable for the child from one year of age: the protection in the seat helps the little ones to stay seated without losing balance and the soft mane protects them from accidental hits. The colors are neutral: for boys and girls.

    It has been studied in detail to give maximum safety and maximum comfort . The colors are neutral, therefore perfect for both boys and girls, the mane is made of soft material (surface washable cotton) to protect the child from accidental blows and the railing helps the little ones to stay in the saddle without losing balance (easily removable when the baby grows).

    All the paints used are non-toxic and resistant , in compliance with the strictest regulations in force.

    Dimensions: 70x50x29cm

    Suitable for 1+ years