Sevi Vegetable Garden Set (13 pieces) - 32cm

    The Vegetable Garden Set is the perfect game not only to teach the child the art of sowing and harvesting, but to convey the pleasure of taking care of something and watching it grow.

    The vegetables, decorated in a funny and amusing way, are transformed into cute characters in the form of carrots, cauliflower, mushrooms and fennel, and must be defended from the terrible caterpillar.

    All the paints used are non-toxic and resistant , in compliance with the strictest regulations in force.

    Suitable for Age 3+

    • Dimensions: 32×10×22cm
    • Made from wood, sturdy and safe
    • Complete with vegetable and gardening tools
    • Rich in colours and details
    • Designed in the most stringent safety standards.
    • Designed in Italy