Trudi Classic Bear

    The Heart of Trudi. Symbol of Love and Tenderness. Its Classic Bear Range epitomizes just that! The protagonists of this world are baby and adult animals realistically interpreted with a touch of friendliness and sweetness.


    All the animals are represented in families where the smallest characters have baby animal proportions that, as their size increases, become adult animal proportions. The soft and precious materials are the distinguishing element of each character and allow to precisely define the shapes and faithfully reproduce every detail.


    Trudi: a long tradition of love. A fairy tale that became reality. More than half a century of emotions and tenderness that can still be found in all the characters created keeping in mind those traditional values of care and passion that are the core of Trudi. Every Trudi is designed to become a symbol of love and care, a style icon and a warranty of quality. Trudi are items to be loved, that create a magical bond lasting over time, that continues to engage children and grown ups.

    Classic Bear Ettore from R 555.00