Trudi Puppets

    Trudi’s animals interact with children and share their world with them. Each line comprises a specific educational or playing concept to develop children’s imagination, created with great attention to the smallest details and Trudi’s typical design. The soft fabrics used are the common thread with the other Trudi worlds and are chosen to enhance the functionality of the new toys.


    Trudi's animal Puppets are a wide range of lively little animals, which can be brought to life with one's hand. Puppets allow children to express their imagination as well as can be hugged and carried around. Babies reactions swoon with delight when they see all these furry animals come to life. All puppets made in the Trudi range have mouths pieces that move when you move your hand, allowing a more intimate and provide real story-telling conversations between child and their puppet animal.

    All Trudi Puppets mouths move when moved with the hand and thereby making the interaction of play and communication between babe and puppet more real.