Les Ptipotos Collection

    There is nothing like having a buddy at hand, Les Déglingos go back to school with a new crew! Meet Les Ptipotos by Les Déglingos,12 new and ultra-soft friends to adapt really quick. Les Ptipotos are unique and endearing characters. They are every day, fun and upbeat companions. Play, laugh, chat and be as thick as thieves with these little mates. Sweet and light-hearted these little tricksters will give you the time of your life.

    Les Ptipotos is a monochromatic collection of beautiful plushes. Both the fabrics and colours have been picked very carefully to make a soft yet trendy range! Available in many shapes and sizes grabbing, twisting and even wearing them will be a breeze. Around the neck, on the head or even - Ahoy! - on the shoulder, you’ll be able to carry them everywhere. Rumour has it that some of them can even act as a pillow.

    Delightful colourful characters include - Dimoitou the elephant, Sermoilcou the snake, Repetou the parrot, Meteou the chameleon, Grobisou the rhino, Ricominfou the spider, Namastou the otter, Tétrochou the seashell, Vitamin’dou the sun and Tamalou the fennec fox. Go on .... collect all the Ptipotos!