Baby Sweet Boat Doudou / Baby Blankie - 25cm

    The Baby Sweet line was designed to accompany babies as they grow up, with  tenderness and elegance. The star of this line is a tender little bear in its natural colours, together with soft pastel undertones. The soft colours and the materials used make these items extremely soft to the touch and to the look. Rich in details, elegant embroideries and satin ornaments, these items are unique and refined products. The line includes mobiles, soft characters and baby blankies, as well as refined accessories such as pacifier holders and squeakers for playing and decorating. Each item comes in an elegant but simple packaging.

    The classic doudou is interpreted in a playful way and becomes a nice boat with delicate pastel colors; thanks to the presence of magnets, the doudou folds and takes on a new shape. The fabric is extremely soft and the details are all rigorously embroidered, to be very soft on the delicate baby skin. The soft bear will allow your child to easily hold the cover.

    The item is machine washable at 30 °, alternatively it can be washed by hand, using a sponge and neutral soap.