Backpack Chillos the Sloth

    Toddlers will Love these Little Deglingos BACKPACKS. Small enough for them to tot around in Style, but big enough to make a huge impression!

    Toddlers just Love Deglingos! Making a safe keep place for that special toy/trinket / tuck money /snacks/sweets. Perhaps the tooth fairy might make a special visit! This little bag is extremely convenient for kids iPad/tablet storage and oh so durable. The cord fabric is pleasant to the touch and best of all it is super-duper washable and therefore can be washed every day in your washing machine to rid any of those nasties. Simply toss into the wash after every visit or outing, not only are you able to keep your child's bag clean but it can withstand wash after wash without fade - keeping to their signature styling of fun, bold, bright and beautiful colours!

    Perhaps the hardest decision would be to get two or three bags and deciding on which style to choose from, as believe me there are so many cute designs available!

    With its wide adjustable straps in printed cotton and its pretty padded handle, the Chillos the Sloth corduroy backpack is easy and practical to carry!

    Thanks to its zip closure, there is no risk of losing the cuddly toy or snack! Contains a white label inside to enter your first name.

    The small backpack is very durable and washes easily to follow your kids on their craziest adventures!

    This original corduroy backpack is green and colorful.
    Interior dimensions: 24 cm wide x 20 cm high x 6 cm deep.

    Age: from 18 months
    Dimensions: 32 x 6 x 36 cm
    Little extra: Recycled polyester fiber padding