Beauty Horse Criollo Definitivo Mare - 19cm

    Herding cattle by day (and sometimes a stray unicorn), grooming her flowing mane at night...the Criollo mare is a workhorse who prides herself on her long flowing hair. Her brightly colored hair accessories stand out like a full moon in the night sky against her dark mane. Will you help her style her mane and tail for the big parade?

    Introducing the Beauty Horse Criollo Definitivo Mare from our newest lineup, Schleich® Horse Club Sofia's Beauties. She's a rarity in the Schleich collection: A horse with combable mane and tail. Her beads and hair clips are islands of color against the backdrop of her jet black coat. Her hair can even be swapped with interchangeable mane and tail accessories (sold separately).

    1x Criollo Definitivo Mare with brushable mane and tail, 1x hairclips, 1x hair beads, 1x finger brush

    Dimensions: 19cm x 6cm x 15cm