Sweet Collectable Celebration Bunny Rabbit Virgil Heart - 9cm

    An iconic little rabbit called Virgil in his smallest version, ready to deliver a little heart! Dreamy eyes and infinite softness make it the perfect gift for lovers. The details are made thanks to embroidery and no part is made of plastic; the bunny is equipped with a comfortable satin loop matching the color of his fur, to transform into a sweet key ring.

    The animals of the classic world, made in increasingly smaller sizes, become little masterpieces that enclose Trudi's essence and art. A variety of lines are designed to provide emotions and express the sweetest side of one's personality. The materials, which are the distinguishing element of these creations, are selected according to their characteristics to interpret the tiny shapes or to enhance the sweetness of these little-sized characters.

    The Sweet Collection is only 9cm and opens a soft world of small characters to express big emotions. Small and gentle Sweet Collection to express romantic messages, True to life to celebrate the most traditional festivities like Valentines, Easter or Christmas in an original way and there are always-new characters added to celebrate the most important achievements in life.

    There is a little bit of Trudi in each one of us, there is a Trudi for every occasion. Small and gentle Sweet Collection to express more romantic messages, bubbly characters with a big heart for those who want to express themselves in a more fun way.

    A world of small characters to express big emotions. These soft, little animal figures are highly collectable and make a cute addition to any room shelf.

    Please note that this is a small 9cm collectible soft toy - Keyring/Pocket size