Classic Exotic Monkey Chimpanzee Paco - S 20cm

    Cheerful play and adventurous companions that identify with ones childhood. Fun and carefree friends that accompany adolescence and enduring memories to envelope an adult. Trudi Plushes make great gifts, always welcoming and suitable for every occasion or life stage.

    The cute little monkey Paco is the liveliest character in the collection.  This little chimpanzee puts a smile on everyone's face wherever he goes.

    The Trudi Classic Exotic Plush toys are Wild animal friends that are made true to life. To bring excitement and a bit of that Safari into your home. Take a true Trudi Plush home and be inspired by their beautiful designs.

    Paco the Monkey Chimpanzee is available in 2 sizes ranging from small 20cm and medium 30cm.