Trudi Christmas Little Bear Angel Charm Tree Decoration / Charm - 9cm

    The little angel bear, a sweet Christmas present or a precious new component for your tree. Our iconic bear Ettore becomes a miniature and wears white wings to fly with you on these holidays. Made of very soft materials, he wears the inevitable golden ribbon halo on his head.

    An original decoration to hang on the Christmas tree to give a touch of color and joy, it can also be used as a nice place card or as an original detail to personalize a gift package. The animals of the classic world, made in increasingly smaller sizes.

    Turn these into adorable keyrings, bag charms, precious trinkets/keepsakes, sweet miniatures: little masterpieces that enclose Trudi’s essence and art. A variety of creations designed to provide emotions and express the sweetest side of one’s personality.

    The materials, which are the distinguishing element of these little creations, are elected according to their characteristics to interpret the tiny shapes or to enhance the sweetness of these beautifully made characters.

    The item is machine washable at 30 °, when the size allows it, alternatively it can be washed by hand, using a sponge and neutral soap.