Fruity Rag Doll Kiwely - 17cm

    Stories of angels who play mothers and mothers who become children again in an old and modern game, which is the timeless love of each child for its doll. Beautiful dolls, which are characterised by a touch of delicacy and grace and give life to this enchanting, sweet world, fully dedicated to dolls and femininity.

    Cheerful, funny and colorful, these delightful miniature dolls make us want to collect them all!

    Each Fruity Doll represents a different fruit , recognizable by the color of the pretty dress she wears and by the clearly visible symbol on the bodice. There are 6 delectable fruity doll styles to choose from, making them unique and all together truly irresistible!

    The doll is machine washable at 30 ° , when the size allows it, alternatively it can be washed by hand, using a sponge and neutral soap.