Sevi Wooden Musical Mobile Holder

    This Sevi Mobile holder works great with any Sevi mobile (choose from the mobiles on this website) or any mid to small-sized mobile that has a spot for a hook at the top. This Wooden mobile accessory can be placed on the crib or even at the edge of a table. When you wind up the back it plays the tune "Mozart's Lullaby" and spins the attached mobile. Sevi wooden mobile holder is hand painted and made with 100% non-toxic varnishes. Large and/or heavy mobiles are not recommended for the Sevi holder because of the holder's spinning feature. This may vary for each customer depending on the size of the baby's crib and/or sleeping area. Sevi items are beautifully designed in Italy. 

    Adorn your favourite mobile onto the handy hook and change your mobiles according to your colour scheme or mood.

    Wooden handle dimensions: 32 x 57 cm