Rocking Baby Dragon Ride On - XXL

    A Trudi Rocking Animal is a true miniature masterpiece, in which you can find all the elements of tradition and the characteristics of value and quality that belong to the brand. A timeless piece that will last a lifetime and provide years of joy.  This beautifully crafted rocking horse, with wood detail will fit in with any home or nursery decor, making it a statement in itself. 

    All raw materials are of premium quality, the fabric used is extremely soft, non-toxic and fireproof; all accessories and applied parts are firmly fixed and pass the strictest international mechanical test.

    The internal structure is the element that distinguishes it: the body is not simply stuffed, but it is made of a single expanded polyurethane block made from an exclusive mould. Safely inside this poly-sponge there is metal structure that can bear up to 50 kg and endless rides!

    The rideable dragon Trudi has decided to give voice to one of the most popular fantasies for the little ones. A colorful green ride-on full of details and embroidery, suitable for babies over 9 months. Thanks to the backrest and the belt, the child will feel more protected and the parents will feel safer. As per the Trudi tradition, this ride-on is rich in details and features of value and quality that belong to the brand. The article is washable on the surface, using a sponge and neutral soap.

    Suitable for babies 10m+
    Size -  XXL 33x53x72 has a seat buckle to strap baby in