Sevi Puppies Shelter - 28cm

    Dedicated to children from 3 to 6 years old, when they begin to socialize and play with
    their little friends, these toys are dynamic and articulated to develop imagination and
    to encourage the sharing of games.

    Rich and colourful playset, packed with function and details: everything you need to set your child's imagination free. This cute little puppy shelter, is a place for pets to come and get better. Starring 2 veterinarians, with the mission to save, care for and protect abandoned animals.

    This little wooden shelter has everything it needs to look after the abandoned animals.....a clinic for treatment, grooming room, ambulance for transport, night ward for the rest of the animals. It supports intellectual and emotional development and is in compliance with the strictest safety regulations, non-toxic paints. Designed in Italy.

    Suitable for Age 3+