The Chameleon - Le Caméléon 30cm (Asst. Colours Available)

    He's here Ptipotos the chameleon…even though we're always looking for him! We can't spot him at first glance, of course, he's a chameleon. He's the kind of friend with eyes everywhere, all you need to do to have him by your side is call his name. Go ahead, call him and he'll be right here!

    This cross-eyed, tongue flicking Ptipotos is MÉTÉOU! A trendy chameleon is extra soft! Catch it and have fun playing with its curled tail! This beautiful plush is ideal to handle and play with thanks to the different fabrics it's made of.

    Machine washable - Cold wash - Air dry only

    Suitable from Age 0+

    Also Available in Camo Green