Sevi Collection

    Sevi is the oldest wooden toy manufacturer in Europe with over 180 years of history. All Sevi designs originate in Italy by specially trained toy designers, Sevi products are handcrafted and hand painted. All sevi products have been thoroughly and rigorously tested by an independent lab, and meet and exceed all European and US federal regulations for children toys, all colours and paints used are non-toxic and saliva resistant.

    “Love nature, play wood, enjoy Sevi”: this is Sevi’s Pay Off, which aims at communicating the wish to realize products that are born out of the need to guarantee natural materials, safety, user protection and environmental protection. Sevi combines its attention to innovation and progress in playing and furnishing functions with loyalty to tradition and the naturalness of the raw material used: Wood.

    Sevi has rediscovered classic toys, the ones that never go out of fashion. Playing is an important activity for Sevi, requiring tools that may inspire dreams and emotions. Sevi products are not simple consumer’s goods, but objects filled with soul and warmth, which live and are loved for a long time. Sevi loves and respects nature and minds the future of your children. By purchasing a Sevi toy you will contribute to protecting the environment: Sevi will plant new trees in a protected area, the future of your children grows with our trees.

    Sevi Garage R 722.00
    Sevi Kitchen R 1,435.00
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