Trudi Bussi Collection

    The Bussi Best world represents plush creations that are simpler in design and therefore more affordable than the Trudi Classic.  Bussi means "little kisses" in German, and these Italian compositions often inspire that kind warmth and emotion.  When someone picks up a Bussi product, they often fall immediately in love with their soft, high quality fabrics.

    The Bussi are soft friends characterized by loose-jointedness and simple lines, made with carefully selected materials, which enhance the softness and design typical of each Bussi character. The soft heart-shaped seal was re-designed in two sizes to best appear on the item and to make both logos - Trudi and Bussi - in the unmistakable red colour stand out. Because there’s a little of Bussi in Trudi, but there’s also a little of Trudi in Bussi.

    Best Bussi Ladybug from R 189.00 R 399.00