Love Box - Trudino Virgilio Rabbit Plush - 15cm

    The way that you convey the message of love is interpreted in an original way, in the brand new Trudi Love Box! 

    A gift idea that keeps the surprise element until the end. It combines an emotional element of an incredibly cute, long-eared soft toy inside with a unique and special packaging. From the slits in the upper part of the box, the ears of the stuffed animal that is enclosed come out, to the teasing of the imagination of those who choose and receive it. 

    The overall theme of this charming gift box follows the opening of the real American-style mailbox; in the semi-transparent closure there is a slot for inserting and sending the love message, to be written on the note that accompanies the Box.

    Inside the mailbox housed the softest long-eared plush animal that are exaggerated in their interpretation and make these animals adorably funny and cute! Soft

    There is a space/empty separate gift box inside the mailbox, in which to place another gift inside such as chocolates, jewellery or anything else that you wish to convey your message of love.