Sevi Wooden Mouse Cubes - 30 pieces

    “Love nature, play wood, enjoy Sevi”: this is Sevi’s Pay Off, which aims at communicating the wish to realize products that are born out of the need to guarantee natural materials, safety, user protection and environmental protection. Sevi combines its attention to innovation and progress
    in playing and furnishing functions with loyalty to tradition and the naturalness of the raw material used: Wood

    Sevi has rediscovered classic toys, the ones that never go out of fashion. Playing is for Sevi an important activity, requiring tools that may inspire dreams and emotions.

    A funny and curious mouse peeps out of the cheese: here is the keeper of many colourful cubes to build enchanted worlds. It is an ideal game to stimulate and provide logical association. The holes in the cheese become perfect joints to learn to recognize shapes and develop manual skills. Everything is enclosed in a colourful container equipped with wheels and a comfortable cord to carry it always with you.